Thank you for visiting the CAST UDL Online Modules. This site, which was launched in 2009, will be taken down on July 1, 2015. We recommend that you check out the multimedia book Universal Design for Learning: Theory and Practice, a rich resource that can be accessed at no cost. Also, visit CAST Professional Learning for more information about online courses, workshops, institutes and other learning opportunities.

Give us feedback! Welcome to the CAST UDL online modules. These two online modules introduce the theory, principles and application of Universal Design for Learning (UDL) to teacher candidates and in-service teachers. They provide higher education faculty with a multimedia, interactive online-learning environment that can be embedded in instructional methods courses. They are designed to be flexible enough to be used as part of an online, hybrid or face-to-face course. It is suggested that you create an interactive community of practice using a blog, wiki or other type of interactive web 2.0 media.

What do you get?

Multiple Means of Representation

The content is represented in multiple ways including text, audio clips and video.

Multiple Means of Action and Expression

Online activities, discussion questions and lesson plan assignments allow students to express their understanding in different ways.

Multiple Means of Engagement

Text, audio, video, activities, additional resources, information, links to more information and to other web sites allow students multiple ways to engage with the content.

Additional features

Sample Icons

These prompts can be found throughout the modules and provide students with additional opportunities to pause and reflect, to extend their learning, to model UDL and to test their understanding. Embedded prompts are also provided for instructors.


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Get Started!

Module 1

Introduction to UDL
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Module 2

Applying the UDL Framework to Lesson Development
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What People are Saying

We integrated the CAST UDL Online Modules into our own hybrid course. The content provided, in “multiple” ways, was superb, engaging and motivated our participants to consider changes to their curriculum design! Our discussion board literally exploded with ideas. Thank you CAST for all your resources!

Shari Hill & Robin Gipson
FDLRS East Center Technology Specialists, Florida

As an instructor of pre-service educators, I thought someone had given me a Christmas present when I saw the UDL Online modules. Using the modules with my students supports my own design of lessons using the UDL principles. As I use the resources available in the modules, I am able to present content in multiple ways, give my students multiple pathways to present what they know and allow my students choices in activities. This helps me to model as well as teach them about UDL.

Elizabeth Berquist
Towson University