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CAST’s UDL Guidelines - Educator Worksheet

Click on the UDL Checklist button in the right of the banner at the top of this page. Notice how the worksheet is organized into three principles:

  • Multiple Means of Representation
  • Multiple Means of Action and Expression
  • Multiple Means of Engagement

Each principle includes three guidelines, and each guideline contains several bullets. Each guideline is a link. Click on them to get concrete examples of ways to implement the UDL guidelines.

Figure 1.

checkpoint buttons that access examples of implementation

The UDL Guidelines are not meant to be a "prescription" but a set of strategies that can be employed to overcome the barriers inherent in the way that information and concepts are presented. The Worksheet serves as a guide when designing lessons. It is not expected that each of the bullets would be included in each lesson, but rather that over the course of a unit or a lesson that you provide enough flexibility and options to ensure that all students can achieve the goals of the unit or lesson.

You may find that you already incorporate many of these features in your lessons, and that you may only need to expand your repertoire by considering some additional features.

Models of UDL