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UDL Guidelines - Educator Worksheet - Principle II

As mentioned earlier, to get a full copy of the UDL Guidelines - Educator Worksheet, click on the UDL Checklist button in the banner on the top right of this page. Below you will see a copy of the Principle II - Multiple Means of Action and Expression section of the worksheet. As you can see, the principle has 3 guidelines:

  • provide options for physical action
  • provide options for expression and communication
  • provide options for executive functions
Each guideline includes several bullets that remind educators of ways to provide multiple means of action and expression (options for students to act on the content or to express their understanding) in support of students' Strategic networks. As mentioned earlier, each bullet is a link to concrete examples of ways to implement the bullet in practice. Below is a copy of Principle II Multiple Means of Action and Expression section of the worksheet. You may find that you already incorporate many of these features in your lessons, and that you may only need to expand your repertoire by considering some additional options. Remember, the Worksheet serves as a guide when designing lessons. It is not expected that each of the bullets are included in each lesson, but rather that over the course of a unit, the lesson provides enough flexibility and options to ensure that all students can achieve the lesson goals. Click on the Your Turn button before advancing to the next screen.

Your Turn

II. Provide Multiple Means of Action and Expression Your notes
4. Provide options for physical action
4.1 Vary the methods for response and navigation
4.2 Optimize access to tools and assistive technologies
5. Provide options for expression and communication
5.1 Use multiple media for communication
5.2 Use multiple tools for construction and composition
5.3 Build fluencies with graduated levels of support for practice and performance
6. Provide options for executive functions
6.1 Guide appropriate goal setting
6.2 Support planning and strategy development
6.3 Facilitate managing information and resources
6.4 Enhance capacity for monitoring progress