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Applying UDL to Lesson Development

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Module Two: Applying UDL to Lesson Development provides practice applying the UDL principles and guidelines to lesson development.

This module provides you with an interactive learning experience. You may wish to think of it as an interactive text book. To begin, on the left of the page, you will see a navigation bar. This bar provides a list of the contents of the module, much like a table of contents in a book. You will notice by looking at the list of the contents that the module is organized into 7 sections or chapters. Some sections are broken into subsections (for example, UDL and Curriculum contains six subsections). Each item in the list on the left navigation bar is a link to the first page of the section or subsection. The left navigation bar is available on each screen or page in the module.

You can use the left navigation bar to:

  • go directly to a section or subsection by clicking on any of the subsection titles in the list
  • determine your location as you are progressing through the module (the subsection will be highlighted to show your location)

Notice that each subsection contains a series of screens or pages. You can progress through the pages in each subsection by clicking on the forward and back arrows on the right of each page. Naturally, if you click on the forward arrow when you are on the last screen of a section (or subsection), you will move to the first page in the next section (or subsection). Similarly, if you click on the back arrow when you are on the first screen of a section or subsection, you will move to the last page in the previous section.

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You can begin by clicking on the forward arrow on the top or bottom right of this page. At any time, you may access the Required Readings or the UDL Guidelines - Educator Worksheet, by clicking on the buttons at the top right of the page. You may also return to the home page for UDL online, by clicking on the title CAST UDL Online Modules Title in the banner at the top of any page. This gives you access to the Details for Students tutorial and Details for Instructors tab which includes more information. Please refer to these pages for more detailed information on how to use the modules.